Refunds & Additional Fees

Please read the following "Terms" carefully before continuing with your use of this website and proceeding with our services.

Refunds & Additional Fees

All tenants are responsible for providing security deposits (equal to one months rent) and first month rent (or TP Fee) upfront before move in. As agents for our property owners, we collect all deposits and fees on behalf of our homeowners. Security deposits are held in escrow by Lease Collection (if managed) or by owner (if self-managed) during the lease term.


All tenant will recieve the mandatory security deposit returned based on leaving the property in the condition in which received. Any addition cost for damages will be deducted from security deposit and tenant will receive a repair invoice for services, if applicable. 

If prospect tenant decides to cancel lease after all documents are complete and signed (electronically or manually) and before move in, prospect tenant will receive a 100% refund of the security deposit and 70% of the Tenant Placement Fee equal to one (1) months rent. A 30% inconvenience/holding fee will be applied and deducted from the total refund amount and is non refundable. 


A 100% refund of Tenant Placement Fee and any additional upfront cost must be agreed upon by senior management and is determined on case by case scenario.


Any bank transaction fees are solely the responsibility of the prospect tenant or beneficiary and will be deducted from the total refund amount.

Application and any additional fees associated with moving cost are non refundable. Property owners reserve the right to request any additional fees charged by The Lease Collection to be provided by tenant or third party moving assistance, if applicable.

Any additional upfront fees negotiated by us and tenant or third party specifically for property repairs to be made in efforts to compensate for a prospect tenant will be received and held by The Lease Collection until repairs are completed and verified by our team. This process usually takes up to 7 to 14 days. After verifying those repairs in-person, we will then credit homeowners for repair cost and any allowance received as upfront cost by prospect tenant will be non refundable. 

Please read complete Terms & Conditions for more information. 

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