President Oprah vs America Political System

It is with no question that Oprah is one of our most prominent and well-respected leaders in today’s society considering her vast accomplishments and contributions to humanity. Not to mention, the idea of an African American woman President would just be absolutely historic and amazing. If she really wanted to run for office, I don’t doubt her being successful because I do believe anything is possible.

Unfortunately, our "current political system” is not built that way.

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Here’s 5 Reasons Why Oprah Won't Have An Easy Victory in Politics

1. Politics is a dirty and fixed game based on party affiliation. Oprah has plenty of money, but as we’ve witnessed in recent campaigns, it’s not about how much money you have or how much good you can do for the people. It's your ability to learn, understand and sadly accept the game of power and politics as it is. Barack Obama’s was a great symbol of progress and hope for African Americans and I believe his only job was to simply restore temporary hope considering how bad congress and previous leaders screwed up the economy. People were starting to lose faith in their government and the government needed a fall guy. Even with Obama political background, he still wasn’t able to get as much done considering congress made his job extremely hard or we can say nearly impossible. The real leaders of our government just needed to buy more time to try and fix things. So, they put Barack in place. Being said, considering Republican control the house, the senate, Supreme Court and the presidency it wont be easy for Oprah to win and pass laws for change. No matter how much money she may have.

2. Politics is brutally damaging to human character and theirs is no such thing as equality. Although African Americans and woman have made tremendous progress towards securing positions of power, we still have a long way to go. No one likes to admit this, but it doesn’t mean it’s not true. Bias media will falsely report news based on allegations just to paint a bad picture of you if your not apart of their click or party. This is what I call legal bullying and defamation to character. Unfortunately, we live in a society where you’re guilty based on allegations now, until your proven innocent. Sadly to say, media has no tangible penalty in their divisiveness and wrongdoing. Not even a fine or a penalty is given. They simply just say I’m sorry and by that time your reputation and character is already smeared or diminished amongst millions or their American viewers.

3. The people vote doesn’t really matter. It’s only an illusion. As a kid, I loved magic. Only to realize that magic isn’t real. Magic is only a psychological illusion that your brain can’t comprehend at the moment. Nevertheless, every magic trick can be taught if the teacher is willing. The game of politics is the same. Think about it, if your vote really mattered as much as they advertise, the president would simply be chosen based on the popular vote alone. Instead the Electoral College makes the final decision for the people. Let’s be honest, who chose them to be the voice. Generally, these electoral judges are all connected or purchased somehow and in most cases the people have no idea who they are. We saw this play out in the Hillary Clinton vs Bernie Sanders scenario (Hillary won) and Hillary vs Trump scenario (Trump won). Nevertheless, I think Oprah, TD Jakes, Mike Freeman and a few other leaders would be a great advisor to any political leader in efforts to continue restoring and promoting hope while building our nation character from the inside out.

4. Oprah has a good heart and she actually want to see change. Unfortunately, Media and congress don’t want change, they want to continue to divide and grow their believers base to only thinks one sided. Absolutely no balance! Politics it’s either Conservatives vs Liberals, Democrats vs Republican, Men vs Women and so on. It’s the old "divide and conquer" rule. In my opinion, I call it "stupid thinking" considering the world is always changing evolving. One way thinking won’t make progress in todays evolving society, so you have to be flexible for the sake of growing and unifying our country and economy. Not to mention, we live in a world mixed with evil-minded people and some good. But to remain strong as a nation, being nice isn’t always the best approach in every situation. Our nation leaders believe in peace through strength and I don’t think Oprah will ever want to be the person who pulls the trigger on a terrace-plotting group who may be planning to do harm to America considering our history of dominance and some bad leadership decisions. In many cases, America is still paying for the sins of our past leaders and their horrible and bold mistakes.

5. The President doesn’t actually run the country. He or she only represents the country. Big Businesses, Congress, Bias Media and our National Intelligence Agencies actually run this country. The person who controls the information, communication and make the decisions are usually the people or person who runs the show. Everything else is just a symbol or an illusion of power. Unless Oprah has enough money to buy every bias media station, demand re-election for new congress seats, revamp the selection process of the electoral college so people can be more aware of who these people actually are and hold them responsible and establish a good and trustworthy relationship with our national intelligence agency leaders, then maybe she would have a chance. Other then that, the game is fixed!

Bottom line, it’s a man world. Hate to say this, but the facts are the facts. James Brown wasn’t wrong when he said,

“It’s a man world, but it wouldn’t be nothing without a woman."

Women are very powerful beings, but the fact remains that men have ruled positions of power and lifted the heavy load for centuries. I am not against women in power, just stating the realities of the world we live in. Nevertheless, women dominance has been on the rise lately, while men have been desensitized through media and entertainment to become more feminine. In my personal opinion, women have an intelligence that can guide a man to great success or perhaps failure as well. Oprah is already legendary for her success and contribution to society. I personally don’t think women should have to deal with the physical challenges of the world, which comes with tremendous stress, but nevertheless make things easier for good men to carry the load. Barack would not be who he was today without a Michelle. As we see, A good women can be a good mans secret strength and in some cases his biggest weakness. Just look at the rise and fall of some of our most prominent leaders in history!

As my final conclusion, you don’t have to be the President of the United States to change or impact the world. Character and actions are far greater the titles. If we want to change the world, we have to unify the media sources or hold them accountable for inaccurate divisive messages and get congress members in place that’s not wasting time fighting each other like Bloods and Crips. These two are the voice and decision makers for our country and should be held more responsible for the bad decisions, chaos and confusion when in power to lead our great nation. A dividing America is the true terrorist attack on the people of America. It’s like a cancer. We as Americans must accept that we are simply better and stronger when united!

If you agree or disagree, I invite you to respectfully leave your questions & comments below.

Tell Us, Do you think Oprah will be the first African American Woman President of the United States and what will America be like under a President Winfrey Administration?

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