Pastor Paula White: "Challenging the President is Challenging The Plan of God"

After a recent TV interview, @Paula_White also known as the commander and chief @realDonaldTrump spiritual advisor has made a statement that has seemingly attracted some negative headlines on social media. But, could she be right?

After reviewing the Jim Bakker Interview upon hearing the media bash Pastor Paula White, I realized that once again the media sources has misquoted Pastor Paula White statements and used their passionate narratives to convince their audience, increase views and unfortunately divide the minds of Americans.

Here are 5 Key Statement said by Pastor Paula White from her recent interview on the Jim Bakker Show

1. "We're More impressed to what looks right then what is right"

In this particular case, I choose to agree with @Paula_White. Based on my observation of people in today’s society, we naturally tend to want things to look a certain way before receiving it. Politicians has complained that @realDonaldTrump is not presidential enough during the campaign, when I practically never seen this guy outside a suit and tie or golf shirt. He also had an entourage of security and paparazzi long before taking office, and having press or secret service follow him.

His results based decision making on TV shows and in business has also proven to be an intricate part of his success. Beside, what does presidential suppose to look like and why is it so hard for people to embrace something that is different if it has proven to be effective. Regardless if we like the president or not based on our own opinions, its important that we respect and honor whomever is in office considering we are to set an example for the younger generations looking up to us and how we choose to respect authority. Not to mention, it is very seldom that I come across people who show high levels of gratitude and recognize the simple blessings of life such as good health, time, family, oxygen, humanity, children etc.

2. "He is not a polished politician, and has authentically been raised up by God"

Well, this statement is a toss up. I believe @realDonaldTrumpis in fact not a polished politician, and has been very authentic during his campaign and presidency. Unfortunately, God don't raise people to be presidents or leaders. He's given us the ability to run this world but you have to work at it and develop yourself to be a leader. @realDonaldTrump along with other humans are just creations by God. Who @realDonaldTrump is today is more-so impart of his life experiences such as his up-bringing, trails and errors in business, ambition to succeed, and his ability to simply see how he can make something better. This is what I call a God given gift.

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3. "It is God that raises up a King and God who place one down"

The Bible actually does say this in 1 Samuel 2 and Psalms 75. God is not the blame for your success or failure in life.

You are! It's important to know that God has given us the abilities to rule, rain or have dominion over the earth but we shall never forget who gave us this ability. This is called Gratitude. Gratitude helps humans avoid self-exaltation, which can be damaging to the spirit of a man. God "the creator of the universe" was done with his work in the book of Genesis after the universe was formed and once he realized everything was "very good". It's up to each person to develop on their own by seeking, understanding and applying wisdom, trust their inner consciousness to do good, and prosper in life.

4. "When You fight against the Plan of God, your fighting against the Hand of God" The creation is never stronger or smarter then the creator. I do agree that many people spend time fighting against the outcomes of life rather than accepting life and adjusting your sail. It’s equivalent to fighting against a force of nature. In most cases, you wont win! I believe God is beyond human comprehension and no one can beat something they don't understand. You only waste time disagreeing or being angry at how things turned out when you could have been spending that valuable time with a loved one, listening to beautiful music, being productive in your personal life, learning something new or simply doing something that makes you happy. We don't always know how God is orchestrating the affairs of this universe. Nevertheless, we can look at history and results from human civilization as we continue to evolve and make progress year by year.

5. "We were not sent here (to earth) to fit in, we were sent here to take over"

I agree. Unfortunately, some people just don't understand their authority in the earth because they don't exercise their authority on a daily bases.

I also believe, authority can be misused and abused. In many cases, non-believers of the gospel have exercised more authority in the earth then believers. To maintain the god given authority and power, you have to seek wisdom, find balance for all and hold firm to the universal principles that will keep our nation civilized.

In conclusion, Pastor @Paula_White during her interview was only addressing the faith-based community. Not to mention, believers of the faith based gospel has made tremendous progress in the political arena, considering for the past few years spiritual leaders has had direct access to giving special counsel to presidents. It is great to know that President Trump has a spiritual advisor even though sometimes it’s hard to tell. Nevertheless, we should continue to pray and uplift him regardless of his mistakes or how we may feel about him. The bible is a great book to read. It's full of practical life lessons and principles told through stories. But today, each one of us is writing our own stories through each and every moment of history. What we do, and how we behave towards each other or will be told and passed on to our great grand children and so on.

Watch Jim Bakker Interview Here:

If you agree or disagree, I invite you to respectfully leave your questions and comments below.

Tell us, what are your thoughts in regards to Pastor Paula White interview with Jim Bakker? Is she right or wrong?

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