7 Reasons Why Trump Will Most Likely Serve Two Terms in Office

Trump Strategic Plan for Winning Two Terms in Office.

Whether Politicians or the American public accept or reject Donald Trump and his unorthodox methods, Donald Trump is winning in the game of politics.

“A tree is known by its fruit” - Bible

My Grandfather recently celebrated his 67th birthday. As I stop by to visit, I realized he had the TV channel turned to CNN and the topic was about trump “ALLEGEDLY” calling Haitians a shit-hole country. I was surprised how CNN created hours of manipulative content to share with millions of Americans as if CNN actually witnessed this statement come directly out of the mouth of the president or seen it on his Twitter in writing.

I continued to watch how my grandfather was so easily hypnotized by the TV channel and eventually concluded in his mind that the president actually said this statement. We later discussed the topic further, and things started to get intense so we stopped talking about it for the sake of enjoying his birthday.

While driving home, I was quite amazed at how it was nearly impossible to have an open dialogue about politics without someone rushing to judgment or calling another human being out of their name when discussing opposing opinions.

Once again, Media has successfully divided the minds of Americans with their manipulative tong twisting content by seldom using the word “Allegedly” and incorporation tricky headlines as if Trump was guilty before proven innocent.

Which leads me to my point.

Here’s 7 Reasons How I Know Trump Will Serve Two Terms in Office

1. The character & mind-set displayed under pressure.

Before Donald ran for office, not too many people had a problem with him. In fact, I’ve read a few of his books and studied his character and philosophy pertaining to business and real estate so I wasn’t surprised that he won. Honestly speaking, his character throughout the ups and downs of the economy is part of the reason why I became interested in real estate and providing professional property management services today. His ability to push forward in the good and bad times speaks for itself regardless of what picture we paint him to be.

2. His master strategy to pull on emotional triggers.

There’s no question Donald has said some bold statements that you would either strongly and passionately agree or disagree with. Nevertheless, at this point he’s already got your attention. As my morning ritual I spend a few hours reading Brainy Quotes or personal development books.

“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel” - Maya Angelou

As for Donald this strategy has been quite effective in his campaign and presidential term.

3. Media continues to make him a more “Fascinating” person of interest.

Attention is one of the world’s most valuable resources in today’s economy. Donald has simply mastered the art of attention. Have you ever heard someone talk about someone else and when the person they were talking about suddenly walk into the room, all eyes are on them. That’s called power. Silence in itself while in a room full of people who may or may not like you can be a powerful tool. I highly recommend reading The 48 Laws of Power. Donald is also already hosting massive rallies and keeping people anticipated with upcoming announcements such as fake news awards.

4. Over 1 Trillion dollars of media air time value.

Average Cost for a 30 second super bowl commercial is $5,000,000 or $166,667 per second. As of Today Trump has received more then a trillion dollars in media airtime value without having to spend much of his own fortune on advertisements. Imagine how many seconds every media station spend saying Donald Trump name. It’s simply more profitable for the media to talk about Donald in a good or bad way considering news stations have shareholders and advertising companies they have to satisfy. Unfortunately, any other candidate won’t stand a chance to the Donald show, no matter how much money they spend on advertisements.

5. Big Business and Political Silent Supporters.

Trump has more silent supporters in politics and big business then most people can imagine. After all, big businesses control politicians who simply make the laws in their favor. How else was he able to successfully win the office?

“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist”- Pablo Picasso

Donald has shown his ability to quickly learn the game of winning in politics, while staying true to himself regardless if its accepted or rejected. Honestly speaking, for most business owners and politicians, it’s just simply not wise to publicly announce their political support for trump without jeopardizing their company reputation considering the American public mixed opinions on accepting trump. Not to mention, we’re living in very sensitive times where people are quick to play victim or protest a company.

6. He’s Just Simply Entertaining to watch.

I’ve said for years that it is in my opinion that people in today’s society would unfortunately rather be entertained than educated. You can simply compare a YouTube video view count of any popular music video or gossip TV series to a personal development or finance video posted by a prominent teacher. The view counts are just simply worlds apart, which in my estimation shows where many people place their attention. It is with no question Donald knows how to put on a show and regardless if you like him or not, you can’t say he’s not entertaining to watch.

Donald knows that the Donald show is profitable to media stations and they continue to report good or bad to keep viewers watching, which increase media companies bottom line through advertisement sales, subscriptions and more. Donald leverages this value and it has proven to be effective.

7. Results for Big Business Leaders.

Since taking office, Trumps influence has positively effected the stock market, unemployment has decreased, real estate home buying sales has increased and people has seen significant equity increase in their home value. Not to mention, the tax bill, which lowers taxes and encourages more people to do business in America and encourage big business to expand their businesses in America. Apple just recently announced they would be bringing 350 billion dollars back into America and will be creating 20,000 new jobs. Donald understand how to use “Incentives” to get things done. Bottom line, despite all the controversy Donald has shown results while continuing to beat to his own unorthodox drum.

“A tree is known by its fruit” - Bible

These are my reasons why I believe trump will go the distance for a second term in office.

Just so you know, I don’t belong to any political party, religion or race. I’m simply a human first, as we all are. After watching today’s media and religious groups divide America, and how distance the peoples trusted sources has become so far from simple truth, honor and representing the peoples voice due to capitalism and bias agendas, I simply decided to create a blog site where today’s most trending topics can be freely shared and discussed from a non bias and open minded perspective, while remaining civil without disrespecting another human being.

If you agree or disagree, we invite you to respectfully leave your questions and comments below.

Tell Us, Do you think @realDonaldTrump is good or bad for economic growth? Let us know your thoughts.

About The Author: Tony Williams is a lifestyle philosopher, influencer, personal development and business educator. He is also a senior managing consultant for The Lease Collection, which provides Professional Property Management and Tenant Placement Services for multi-unit and residential properties in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia. His passion for personal development inspired him to create the Instagram, @Life.Algorithms, which has amassed over 30K followers. Along with his Blog, these platforms are his way of inspiring, motivating, educating and connecting with thoughtful, creative, like-minded and ambitious people just like you.

Contact Info: Awilliams@LeaseCollection.com

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